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Do a "Google" search on "growing apples in the tropics" and the first four hits will be ours; this is because Kuffel Creek Apple Nursery has been the world leader in dispelling myths about where apples can grow, and also in bringing the world's best-adapted varieties to hot climates and the tropics.

We were the first nursery to ignore an apple's purported chilling-hour rating or place of origin when testing a variety in the blast-furnace heat of Southern California, USA (45 C.) and the first to continuously publish a log on how those varieties are doing.  We've discovered lots of losers but also quite a few real winners, from places no one would have ever thought of.

But we have also sought out the long-forgotten apple varieties wrought by the seedling cider orchards of the American Deep South, where the apples were naturally acclimated to the tropical heat and humidity they suffer through each season.  The best performers from both of these categories get forwarded on to test orchards in Uganda, Rwanda, and Zambia for testing in African conditions. 

Our book, "Growing Apples in the Tropics" is the the first modern publication intended for the rural tropic apple grower that deals with the challenges and opportunities they face.  It incorporates the best of historic apple literature, modern university research, and practical lessons learned by other tropic growers into one volume that will help build an apple industry.

Our nursery was the first to directly target the tropics for sending apple trees to.  We've been shipping to East Africa for years, sending thousands of trees to Uganda, Tanzania, DR Congo, and Kenya


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